A new diagnostic modality : Medical Pulse Diagnosis

Our holistic centre in East Finchley now offers a new diagnostic modality : Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD). MPD is a unique, highly structured pulse-diagnosis system which allows a practitioner to diagnose Chinese Medicine syndromes and bio-medical conditions within few minutes by taking and analysing the pulse of a patient. MPD is based on the teachings of Robert Doane and Dr. Zhang Wei Yan’s (Dr. Jimmy Chang) and his fundamental Pulsynergy System Diagnostics.

New premises in East Finchley

It is so good to know that more and more holistic services are opening in the North London area. Since NHS services are not always accessible to patients, centres that offer counselling or psychotherapeutic services are in great demand. Moreover, not everybody is comfortable taking antidepressants or anxiety pills to resolve their emotional issues and would prefer finding a more holistic approach to resolve the underlying issues of a problem rather than covering up symptoms with medicine. Our … Read More