'I teach people how to free themselves from their own limitations and to become their true self'. Ekaterina Fedotova

LIFE BALANCE METHOD is a meditation, guided by an experienced coach towards emotional and stress release. It is empowered by REIKI (one-to-one coaching). IT IS A UNIQUE FOUR DAYS COMPLETE HEALING COURSE

Life Balance Method is a unique therapy, originated from teachings of famous Russian psychologist and Reiki Master Mira Moiseeva.

It consists of a powerful combination of effective psychological techniques, Forgiveness, holistic couching, counselling and Reiki aiming at getting back to harmony with ourselves.

"Illness is partly due to a blockage within the human energy system, and especially within the individual's structure of emotional expression".

Dr. Richard Gerber

According to Psychosomatic research, negative emotions such as Anger, Resentment, Guilt, Fear or Stress can develop problems and illnesses on a physical level.

When we forgive, we let these emotions go, and as a consequence the negative information becomes 'deleted' from the energy field. Thus, we improve our psychological and physical well being.

During a Life Balance Method session, the therapist helps to find those unwanted memories and guide the a patient towards releasing them and setting him free from whatever holds him back. Life Balance Method is usually empowered by healing Reiki energy. Patient is usually actively involved into the process of healing, applying Stress & Emotional Release Therapy techniques, which include Forgiveness and Letting Go excersises under the therapist's guidance.

As a consequence of Life Balance Method people have improvements on both emotional and physical levels: high blood pressure may drop down, tumours may dissolve, skin may improve, organs and the whole body starts working at it's best.

During FOUR consecutive sessions you will:

• resolve your inner problems under the therapist's guidance;

• acquire exceptionally effective self management techniques that you can practice yourself and share with others.

"In this world you are the Master, the door opens with three keys: strength of your will, strength of your soul and the ability to create love and joy in your heart. You have to unite all three to master yourself!

It is in your own hands!

With what situations can this help me?

  • Family Problems and conflicts;
  • Psychological problems;
  • Anger management;
  • Illnesses;
  • Stress;
  • Low self esteem / lack of confidence;
  • Feeling of being 'trapped' in life / not moving forward.

It is important to mention that the success of the whole process of healing continuously relies on the person's will, desire and ability to work and make peace within oneself.

"Only one person can heal, and that is the patient himself. In my entire life I have never healed anyone, because nobody can do that. I am only the crane that picks up the car from the ditch and sets it back on its wheels. I may be able to remove one dent or another so that the wheels can turn again, but the patient himself has to drive".

Dr. Peter Mandel