Life Coaching can seem a little Vague. What does it mean to coach life? How is it structured? What can I expect? Our London Life Coach, Grigorii Krippa, explains all!


Life Coaching is about creating a coherent structure and plan to achieve one’s goals. It very simple and easy. You want to start doing something or become somebody, but you keep failing — that is where I come in.

 Together, we will understand what is stopping you and create a formula for your success. Whether it be working with a Life Coach in London, over Skype or telephone, we can create the formula that will push you forward.

Though our Life Coach is London based, we also provide online sessions. The theory behind the coaching is based off 4 fundaments: mentality, comprehension, management and meaning.


The first thing Life Coaching does is provide you and understanding of what is meaningful. Together we search and understand what truly creates meaning for you in your life journey. We do not search for what makes you happy, as this can be a temporary emotion. We base our goals around what we find meaningful, which is much more secure than happiness.


It is important to know where you are going in life. If you understand what is meaningful in your life, but do not know how to develop towards that meaning, then having meaning is pointless. In our Life Coaching session, we understanding how we can utilise and create the most meaningful life possible. We create a successful formula to put your practice into meaning.


Sometimes, no matter how much meaning you have in your life, or life’s trajectory, it can be difficult to cope. We have many commitments and understanding how to deal with them can be difficult. Together, we create a way for you to keep moving forward towards your meaning, without creating additional  stress and anxiety.


Probably the most important aspect of my practice is the mental training. I want you to come out of our sessions knowing not only that your goals have been accomplished, but that you see and feel like you can conquer anything that is put in front of you. This is why in our sessions and emphasise work on the mental aspect of our life, so you can come away not needing help. To read more about our Life Coach, please visit