Neoclassical AcupuncturePracticing and teaching the Balance Method successfully for many years I came across the method, called Neoclassical Acupuncture, that allows me to make another journey of discovery of my profession.

Neoclassical Acupuncture is created by Dr. Slate Burris.  Dr. Burris has studied with some of the best including Dr. Tan and Kiiko Matsumoto. Through years of diligent clinic practice, he has been able to devise a method of abdominal  and leg palpation to determine which Elements, Meridians and Extraordinary Meridians are closed.  And, with the use of minimal needling – even a single needle – his method is able to clear blockages leading to a significant, even 100 % reduction of symptoms.

Some famous masters , including Dr Tan, Master Tung and others were trying to perform the one needle treatment for multiple conditions.  That was considered as a highest level of the mastery. Dr. Slate Burris shows how to treat multiple symptoms with ONE SINGLE NEEDLE.

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