Acupuncture Balance Method works miracles for the Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture Balance Method for Lower Back Pain
Acupuncture Balance Method for Lower Back Pain

I have long admired the results of Acupuncture Balance Method in treating Lower Back Pain. Yesterday a patient travelled to our North London East Finchley clinic because of her Lower Back condition. She suffered chronic pain for 6 years in the lumbar area. The pain radiated down the leg which was the indication that the sciatic nerve was affected. The patient ranged the pain severity as an ‘8’ out of ’10’. MRI scan showed lumbar radiculopathy due to herniated or “slipped” disk. A slipped disc, known as a prolapsed or herniated disc, occurs when one of the vertebrae between the bones of the spine is damaged and presses on the nerves. The doctor offered surgery to remove part of the disc in order to release the compressed nerve.

After the short interview, 3 acupuncture needles needles were inserted into the Dorset side of the palm. After 10 seconds the pain had been reduced to a ‘4’. The needles were stimulated several times during the treatment, by the end of the treatment the patient estimated her Lower Back Pain sensation as an ‘0.5’ out of ’10’. The overall acupuncture treatment lasted 30 minutes. The patient was released nearly pain free!

This successful treatment of Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture Balance Method looks like a miracle. However, for the Acupuncture Balance Method practitioner it is rather a normal or typical outcome of the treatment than a mystery.

Acupuncture Balance Method (also known as Dr Tan Balance Method) has an extremely high success rate, with as much as 50 – 100 % REDUCTION OF PAIN WITHIN ONE TREATMENT. In most cases the patient’s discomfort is released straight after the acupuncture needle is inserted.

Dr Tan’s Balance Method works perfectly for ANY acute or chronic injuries and traumas, lower back pain, neck & shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal problems including numbness, burning, stiffness, discomfort etc. We are so delighted with the instant results of the Balance Method Acupuncture and happy to offer this advance Acupuncture method to the patients in our clinics in East Finchley and Highgate in North London.