Acupuncture for Fertility in Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic

Fertility Acupuncture London
Fertility Acupuncture London

Dr, Tan’s Acupuncture Balance Method is a revolutionary acupuncture approach which has impressive results in treating infertility.

Dr Tan’s Balance Method is used to treat both pain and functional disorders.Using this method, needles are never placed in the painful areas. For example, neck pain can be treated by inserting needles into the leg and ankle, premenstrual cramps are treated by inserting a very thin needle into the wrist. Infertility treatment is usually involved needling arms and legs, 8-16 needles each treatment.

We offer Acupuncture for Fertility treatments in Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic in Highgate / East Finchley, North London.

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