Life Balance Method programme in the London Acupuncture training course.

Anger & Stress ManagementDr Richard Tan always said that ‘acupuncture does not work if the patient cannot avoid ongoing inner stress and aggravation’. It used to be that a Chinese doctor was not allowed to needle a patient or give him herbs until he helped the patient on a spiritual level.

I believe that we can offer the patient much more: balancing not only the energy system using needles, but also the soul. We can help lead the patient to an understanding of the underlying causes of their imbalances such as anger, fear, guilt, resentment etc. and ways to deal with them on a psychological and spiritual level.

For this reason I have included the concept of Life Balance Method in the London revision/training.

We will learn and practice this highly effective psychological and spiritual technique: a method of ‘deep cleansing’ of the subconscious mind. It can then be incorporated into Acupuncture treatments if needed.

This outstanding and extremely effective method has been developed by a famous Russian psychologist, Mira Moiseeva.

Throughout my years of working in this way with my patients, I have come to find that the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment increases dramatically if it is done alongside spiritual work

During the 3d day we will gain some understanding of Chakras and psychosomatic methods of diagnostics. I will also introduce the Stress Management & Emotional Release Method, which starts with a Seven Point check list, giving a firm structure for self-analysis, positive re-programming and emotional release practice.

We will also learn the Formula of Forgiveness & Letting Go, which works like a ‘˜washing machine’ of the subconscious mind, washing away negative memories and destructive past experiences.

It has worked in my practice for almost 20 years and it’s absolutely brilliant!

Looking forward to seeing you!