‘The Balance Method for Zang-Fu Disorders & Pulse Diagnostics’ book

Hi Balance Method friends!

Remember to purchase the new book on Global Balance:The Balance Method for Zang-Fu Disorders & Pulse Diagnostics’. 

This is a complete practical manual on the ‘Global Balance’ empowered by Pulse Diagnostics. It includes the first ever accurate and detailed pulse characteristics system, designed for each treatment strategy. Ekaterina Fedotova adapted the Pulse Diagnostics system of an outstanding master Dr. Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang to The Balance Method.

The knowledge of Pulse reading guides the therapist to a correct understanding of the pathology and helps to choose the precise meridians for needling and/or to choose the best treatment strategy for Zang-Fu disorder.

The book is available HERE https://helianthusclinic.com/downloads/the-balance-method-for-zang-fu-disorders-pulse-diagnostics/

Helianthus Team