Low Cost Community Acupuncture Clinic in East Finchley, Fortis Green and Muswell Hill areas of London

Dear Neighbours, Thanks to everyone for the genuine feedback. We have received over 100 responses towards the Low Cost Community Acupuncture Clinic in East Finchley, Fortis Green and Muswell Hill areas of London. I am happy to announce that the Clinic is open EVERY Sunday from 10AM until 2PM. If you have any Musculoskeletal or General health problems, feel free to contact me over the phone to book a first free consultation. Musculoskeletal or neuropathic problems: •Back Pain & … Read More

Magic mixture for those feeling heavy, a lack of energy, tired or overweight.

GET YOUR DAY STARTED RIGHT WITH A SIMPLE CONCUCTION Beginning your day on a positive and beneficial way not only helps improve your overall health but it is a great first step to getting your body and mind right for the day. No one likes to start the day feeling crappy. This mixture is mainly for those who have signs of Dampness, Phlegm or Blood stasis (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine- TCM). Some of the symptoms of Dampness, … Read More

The best acupuncture / acupressure points for cough, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases.

Now we are in a season of upper and lower respiratory tract infections. If not treated properly, it can aggravate further and trigger bronchitis, asthma or pulmonary disease. The acupuncture points below will help to cure cough and chest infection.   LI4, LI5, LI5.5, LI6 (Ashi points between LI5 & LI6) Lu10 (if painful throat), Lu9, Lu7, LU7 – Lu7.5 Ashi. P6 St36, St 37Ashi Sp9, Sp9 – Sp8 Ashi.

FREE Acupuncture Demo treatments in Hampstead on Saturday 16th of September

We are happy to announce our new community project in Hampstead Community Centre – FREE Acupuncture Pain Relief Demo treatments. We welcome anyone who suffers from: Back pain; Sciatica; Neck pain; Shoulder pain; Knee, elbow, wrist, ankle pain; Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ); Injuries and traumas; Nerve pain; Arthritis; Headaches. The Acupuncture Balance Method has proved to be very effective in relieving pain, numbness or tension in the body. Patients being treated in the session will not be required to … Read More

FREE Chinese Pulse Diagnosis in Hampstead each Saturday!

This week we have started the charity project on Chinese Pulse Diagnosis in Hampstead. This project is supported by British Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine Association and is going to be performed each Saturday in the Hampstead Community Centre in the North of London NW3. The project aims to raise people’s awareness about holistic medicine approaches to health. Pulse Diagnosis is a reliable tool to understand the state of your health within minutes. If you have any unknown health issue or often feel tired … Read More

New premises in East Finchley

It is so good to know that more and more holistic services are opening in the North London area. Since NHS services are not always accessible to patients, centres that offer counselling or psychotherapeutic services are in great demand. Moreover, not everybody is comfortable taking antidepressants or anxiety pills to resolve their emotional issues and would prefer finding a more holistic approach to resolve the underlying issues of a problem rather than covering up symptoms with medicine. Our … Read More

Why Holistic?

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Why holistic? A brief discourse on the potential benefits in contrast to conventional medicine. The most common approach to our illnesses is a trip to the doctor; who gives advise that you could have found on the internet, maybe some pills to cure our aches and whistles, and most definitely not the reassurance that something will actually change. Before understanding the need for holistic, we have to briefly comprehend the ills of the conventional. Conventional medicine, first and … Read More

Stress Management & Emotional Release Therapy in our London Highgate and East Finchley clinics

Conflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy is a problem solving process to release the emotions and memories that were experienced as problems. It is a process of letting go of the memories and releasing the “negative baggage” that we have collected throughout our life. This involves the movement of the heart and mind towards understanding, love and compassion, away from fear, anger and hate.

We are all able to Let Go, we just need to know, how to do it!

As a result of Emotional Release Therapy, people have improvements on both emotional and physical levels – high blood pressure may drop down, tumours may dissolve, skin may improve, internal organs and the whole body begin working at their best.

Holistic Coaching in our North London clinic.

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According to the Holistic concept guideline we cannot cure disease without addressing the issues on a spiritual level. The Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic offers treatment that heal it in all 3 Dimensions Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a private complementary medicine practice in a residential area of Highgate / East Finchley in the north London.

Bruce Lipton – a famous biologist.

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Our Holistic Health Clinic in Highgate, North London offers the exceptional and unique treatment course which includes Emotional & Stress Release, Acupuncture and Reiki Healing at the same time. This 4 days healing method has outstanding results for many health issues, including infertility & other fertility problems, Digestion, IBS, Kidney-Bladder related problems, Heart deceases and many others. Please visit the testimonial page to read the feedback of our patients.