xopovod_pic_print_enl copyReiki Diploma (Level 1) of the original Usui System of Natural Healing will improve your self-development and spiritual growth further.

Training Course embraces two dimensions: Spiritual and Psychological.


Reiki develops your energy senses and intuition, aiming to connect you with the Universal energy field.

Training at this level evokes personal and spiritual growth, stimulates intuition, inspiring spiritual and creative awareness. You will be able to use Reiki for self-healing and general personal well-being, as well as share it with your friends and family.

Activation of Reiki within a person is made possible by a process called an attunement. The attunement or empowerment is performed by a Reiki Master during a workshop. It is the attunement which allows the person to tap into and channel the Reiki energy and cannot be achieved from books or simply through conversation.

Course Content:

We will discuss the history of Reiki;

You will learn Reiki laws which will help you to improve yourself further;

You will receive 4 attunements of the Reiki energy and will practice giving and receiving Reiki;

You will learn the basics of the auric field or human energy system and chakras according to ancient spiritual schools of knowledge and implement it into practice;

You will learn how to clear your energy field and protect yourself from negative energies.



Stress Management & Emotional Release Techniques

You will learn the Stress Management & Emotional Release Techniques methods and techniques in depth aiming to become an expert in using them.

You will learn how to identify and resolve problems that you or your patient may experience and to overcome a difficult situation in life.

You will learn highly effective psychological and spiritual techniques that help to overcome depression, anxiety or stress, increase self-esteem and become a successful coach for yourself and others.

It includes:

Stress Management & Emotional Release Technique: Letting Go & Forgiveness Formula. This outstanding and extremely effective technique has been developed by a famous Russian psychologist Mira Moiseeva. It works like a ‘washing machine’ for our subconscious mind, washing away negative memories, destructive past experiences or any stressful situations in your life. It takes away fear, anger or guilt, letting go of anything that is stopping you from truly being yourself.

Positive re-programming. You will practice and learn some of NLP, EFT, Hoo’ponopono and other useful techniques and exercises, specifically targeted and adapted for your needs. It will help you to generate a positive and stable emotional state.

‘Shower for the Soul’. This is an extremely successful method, that gives you a firm structure for auto-analysis, positive re-programming and emotional release practice.

Confidence and self-esteem boosting. This results in creating faith, raising spirit and building up your personal strength and confidence: moving towards a more positive YOU!

Conflict Resolution method. This is a thorough analysis of the ’cause and effect’ of your ‘obstacle’, which will allow you to see your situation from a different perspective.

Self analysis and psychological re-modelling. You will be introduced to the unique ‘Seven Point Check List’  that will help you analyse your current psychological state.

Hypnotherapy exercises. Hypnotherapy will help you create a positive mindset on a subconscious level.

Meditation techniques. 

You will learn the coaching methods in depth to become a holistic coach and Reiki therapist for yourself and people around you. Please read the testimonials page to see how methods of Stress Management & Emotional Release have made a difference!

The Intensive Course is scheduled for 3 consecutive days from 10AM until 5PM and one additional 3 hours workshop 3 weeks after.

Location: East Finchley, North London

The training runs throughout the year, please contact me for more information about the dates of the next course.


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  1. admin
    | Reply

    I just want to say thanks once again for your wonderful 3-day course of LIFE ENERGY THERAPY! I am deeply grateful, feel much lighter, have a renewed sense of energy and notice positive changes in my body, too. I loved the way Katia brought her extensive knowledge of Reiki, Psychology, Spirituality and Chinese Medicine together into one condensed course, taught in a very structured way. She teaches by example and has a great way of breaking complex matters down into easy to understand and practical steps. To anyone who is contemplating working with Katia or taking her course, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

  2. Sue O
    | Reply

    The Reiki Training & Stress Management course was the most amazing course I’ve ever experienced. The content of the course is so important: I can’t believe I’ve lived my life so many years without it!
    I feel so much better ever since I took the course — I feel like Me, and I’m excited at the prospect of being able to help family and friends in this way.
    Katia is an effective teacher and she truly cares. She generously shares a peaceful and progressive world with you, teaching you how to achieve and sustain it.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Katia (and Katia’s teachers), for sharing these vital teachings.

  3. admin
    | Reply

    I can only second the previous comments. Being a life coach myself I felt that I had my life quite ‘sorted’ but this course added a whole new dimension to it! Initially I contacted Ekaterina her for a specific physical condition not knowing very much about Reiki and what to expect but the profound effect it had on me was just mind boggling. The initial 4 sessions of Reiki & Emotional Release Therapy were a deep cleaning experience from the inside out, helping me to go much deeper than I ever went and release some old, unconscious patterns from the past. As a result, I feel much lighter, have a renewed sense of energy and notice positive changes in my body, too. I decided to take this 3-day course to know more about Reiki and so that I can maintain the state of wellbeing.

    Katia is an amazing person, warmhearted and instantly trustworthy. Soon I realised that she is also a sincere and knowledgable practitioner and teacher. I loved the way she brought her extensive knowledge of Reiki, Psychology, Spirituality and Chinese Medizine together into one condensed course, taught in a very structured way. Katia teaches by example and has a great way of breaking complex matters down into easy to understand and practical steps. I am deeply grateful to have met and worked with her can wholeheartedly recommend this course.

  4. admin
    | Reply

    If you are feeling lost and unhappy for some unknown for you reason or simply have no life energy Reiki might be the answer. We often neglect our feelings and let the ego run our life, this is what happened to me. I became miserable, angry and was battling my health issues trying to heal only the symptoms without looking what caused them. The day I found Ekaterina was the beggining of my new life journey. This lady is simply amazing, an angel as a call her. She helped me with understanding what problems from the past I have barred deep in my sould and how to let them go. After my 4 Reiki sessions I have decided to also do my Reiki 1 course with her and it probably was the best life experience up to date. I now shower my soul with energy every night and beginning to really love myself ! Ekaterina I will forever be grateful for your help. Love for all.

  5. admin
    | Reply

    I took this three day course after the four consecutive day Emotional Release Therapy. Those four days had changed my life and so I took the course to be able to change it myself. Not only did I immediately feel better, more balanced, more calm, and perhaps, in control, though I’m not fond of the expression, but the world around me changed as well. I work with children, which, honestly, is not always the easiest of jobs and my charges seemed to have changed straight away. I barely recognised the child I was working with. I began reacting differently to the world around me and the world is now reacting differently to me.
    I believe that learning the Emotional Release Technique and how to use it, was one of the greatest gifts in life. It so happens that I am at a moment in my path when it might turn in any direction and I believe that Ekaterina is a godsend that appeared to guide me towards, call it what you wish, light, good, happiness, all of it, really. It is also a way for me to take my life into my own hands, I now feel in a position to be able to create what I wish, my future being my own to construct. The most surprising was the difference in the people around me that I’ve noticed. Ghandi used to say “if you wish to change the world, begin with yourself” and this is the way to do it, the results are immediate.
    I’d like to sincerely thank Ekaterina from the bottom of my heart, for coming into my life and teaching me.
    Thank you!

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