Holistic Coaching in our North London clinic.

body-mind-spirit-yoga-mat-reviewsHolistic Coaching is the Art of Being Yourself at your best, it is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be!

The goal of Holistic Coaching sessions is to set yourself free from whatever holds you back and to help you to become YOURSELF.

Mind-Body philosophy embraces the idea that all illnesses surface from a root cause, which means that behind any physical illness lays a psychological reason. We see the spirit as the centre of a persons being. For this reason, whatever conflicts and blockages resonate in the spiritmay manifest itself in the physical body.

We can view the illness as a guide, an assistant that helps us to answer the question What do I need to change in my soul in order to regain health? The science of Psychosomatics helps to answer this question by studying the correlation between emotion and illness.

According to the Holistic concept guideline we cannot cure disease without addressing the issues on a spiritual level.

The Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic offers treatments such as Acupuncture, Forgiveness & Emotional Release and Reiki that heal it in all 3 Dimensions:  Mind, Body and Spirit. It is a private complementary medicine practice in a residential area of Highgate / East Finchley in North London.

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