I prove that we are capable of healing ourselves and others.

Ladder leads into sky

Eighteen years ago I discovered, learnt and began practising an Emotional Release Therapy and Forgiveness, empowered by Reiki, as a result of which I miraculously regained my own health. My spiritual work had an impact on those around me: my children no longer suffered sickness, my daughter’s allergy disappeared, the relationships with friends and family improved all around, and my income increased unexpectedly. Since then, I feel entirely happy as I learned the key of releasing any negative or unwanted memories and emotions, as well as programming my mind in a positive way.

After that, I became a professional psychologist and hypnotherapist, gained a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Compiling all this knowledge of psychological techniques and healing methods, I have to admit that I have never learned anything better and more efficient than that method of Forgiveness and Deep Emotional Cleansing accompanied by Reiki, which I was taught years ago by an outstanding Russian psychologist, Master Mira Moiseeva.

For the last 18 years, I have been sharing my experience with people, helping them become free from traumas, facilitating a deep cleansing of the subconscious mind. I teach people how to free themselves from their own limitations and to become their true selves.

As a result of Emotional Release Therapy and Forgiveness, people have improvements on both emotional and physical levels: high blood pressure may drop down, tumours may dissolve, skin may improve, internal organs and the whole body begin working at their best.

In our Holistic Clinic in the North area of London we offer Reiki, Forgiveness and Emotional Release Therapy healing course which lasts four consecutive days. The course can be accompanied by Acupuncture or Acupuncture can be used as single treatment. For the feedback please visit the testimonials page of this website.

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