What is involved into Stress Management & Emotional Release Therapy?

the skyDuring the 4 consecutive sessions of Stress Management & Emotional Release Therapy I help to:

  • Find where the energy has been stuck using Reiki Healing
  • Release and unblock stuck energy
  • Forgive and let go
  • Create faith, raise spirit and build up your personal strength
  • Move towards Who You Are!

The negative emotions such as Anger, Resentment, Guilt, Fear or Stress that we experience can develop problems and illnesses on a physical level. When we forgive and let it go, the negative information disappears. This is the reason of why we have great improvements after the sessions. The unique course is offered by Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic, North London, Highgate. Therapist and a clinic founder: Katia Fedotova, Lic Ac BSc (Hons) MSc, Reiki Teacher

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