Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely!

Dear students! We genuinely hope you are all staying safe during this time and your practice(s) are reopening. At Helianthus, we have decided to keep our Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely. We have broke it into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. By studying Part 1, you are still able to treat any pain with instant results. If you wish to develop your skills further and understand how to better treat patients; new tricks to help save … Read More

Acupuncture Balance Method tips: 12 Magic points for migraines

ACUPUNCTURE BALANCE METHOD TIPS FOR PRACTITIONERS: 12 Magic Points for Migraine As we all know, most of headaches and migraines stem from the neck. If this is the case of the patient’s migraine, it is better to use Kid3, Liv4 and Sp5(A) than K7, Liv5 and Sp6 in 12 Magic points Generic pattern. Also, migraine often moves after needling. If it moves up, a good solution to move Jing Well points of Lu, Pe and He channels. (Blue … Read More

Plantar fasciitis

“Injury, or repetitive movements, inflammation and poor posture can lead to fasciitis, fascia tissue becomes stiff, thick, proliferated, and shortened, producing 900 kg of pressure per square inch, tremendous pressure, caused by many unknown pains and dysfunctions, such as the scoliosis of the lumbar disc herniation, back pain is caused by blockage.. I think my ROOF pulse got something to do with the Fasciitis!! Some adhesions or scar tissues around the liver area.. along with the cirrhosis”. Dr … Read More

Balance Method Acupuncture works miracles

Health has always and will always be a topic of vitaal importance to humanity. Which doctor to choose, which clinic to go to, which treatment method will give the best results… At some point in our lives we will desperately seek to find answers to these questions. It is clear that a single prescription for health does does not exist and here we are not aiming to give the finite answer, however in our London East Finchley clinic … Read More