Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely!

Dear students! We genuinely hope you are all staying safe during this time and your practice(s) are reopening. At Helianthus, we have decided to keep our Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely. We have broke it into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. By studying Part 1, you are still able to treat any pain with instant results. If you wish to develop your skills further and understand how to better treat patients; new tricks to help save … Read More

Presentation of Balance Method and Pulse Diagnostics of Dr Chang in Russia

We would like to share good news! The teaching of two great Masters Dr Richard Tan and Dr Jimmy Wei Yen Chang were presented by Ekaterina Fedotova at the annual conference of reflexologists in Russia, Moscow. The conference was followed by the Acupuncture Balance Method and Pulse Diagnostics training. After receiving countless compliments on Balance Method and Jimmy Chang Pulsynergy, I am delighted that his name is known in Russia and followed by many new students.


UPCOMING BALANCE METHOD SEMINAR FOR ZANG FU DISORDERS: 2d & 9th of May 2018 UPCOMING PULSE DIAGNOSTICS SEMINAR: 16th of May 2018 London, NW5 10am – 6pm • Study the Yin/Yang Balance Method dynamic patterns to treat functional disorders and whole-body sickness; • Learn the Yin/Yang dynamic treatment patterns to treat Zang Fu systemic diseases: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urinogenital, allergic and other functional disorders; • Learn the strategy of 12 Magic Points according to well known Balance Method … Read More