Yin Yang handsFREE DOWNLOADS for Acupuncture Balance Method PRACTITIONERS

1. CONCISE NOTES OF LOCAL AND GLOBAL BALANCE from Dr Tan Core Foundation and Advance Training courses

Dr Tan Acupuncture 1: 123 Pain

Dr Tan Acupuncture 2: Yang Ming Patterns

Dr Tan Acupuncture 3: Heat & Hormonal

Dr Tan Acupuncture 4: Cuckooness

Dr Tan Acupuncture 5: Digestion, Skin & Other patterns

2. Link to 4 lectures of Dr Tan on elothus website here: 4 webinars of Dr Tan


3. Master Tong’s Acupuncture by Miriam Lee

With preface written by Richard Tan

Lee Miriam – Master Tong’s acupuncture

master tong







4. Dr Tan’s 8 Extra Vessels, kind permission of Patrick J Dumont

Patterns of Dr Tan’s 8 Extra Vessels from Patrick J Dumont







5. Advanced Master Tung Seminar with Dr Young

Source: catstcmnotes.com

6. Leseprobe_McCann-Ross_Practical Atlas of Tung´s Acupuncture

Source: naturmed.de

7. Ten Steps to Happiness

Source: http://bleckt.com


8. Yamamoto_Toshikatsu_-_Yamamoto_new_Scalp_acupuncture_YNSA

Source: http://www.pdfarchive.info

yamamoto new skalp acupucnture YNSA














Hello everyone,

A group of the UK Balance Method practitioners have an initiative to set up a Facebook Page, which is designed for for the Acupuncturists who practice the Balance Method, in order to create a network for the practitioners in the UK and Europe.

This FB group page will encourage referrals, helping to share the information concerning the Balance Method related topics (seminars, events, literature etc), encouraging communication between the practitioners.

Practitioners from all over the world are welcomed to join!


Moreover, we are going to setup a referral list of the Balance Method practitioners for UK and Europe. If any of you would like to be in this list, please email to helianthusclinic@gmail.com your contact details: Country, practice address, and your contact details including a short description of your practice (40 words).

It was Dr. Tan’s passion to spread his knowledge of Chinese Medicine to as many practitioners as possible, so I believe that we can contribute to that.

Please, share this message with other Balance Method Acupuncture practitioners.

With kindest regards

The UK group


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  1. Kamal
    | Reply

    Would like to continue learning balance method with further seminars also to know more about acupuncturists who use Dr Tan’s methods in uk… ( I only attended 4 days seminars with Dr tan 2014 core track) I am keen to learn more thanks

  2. saideh
    | Reply

    Hi Michel
    Thank you for the Balance Methode information and the Boeken.

  3. Michel Hekkens
    | Reply

    Thank you for the Balance Method information and the Miriam Lee book !!!!!I (I have the “Weih Chieh Young” books on Tung..alse interesting…look at his website)
    I did also the Tan core and advance (Koblenz 2014)..
    -I miss only the “5 elements” Tan style….maybe i go to Paris for the 5 elements,……(A pitty that the master has left us…..!!)
    If i go i send you the 5 elements notes…..if you are interested..!
    Greetings from Venlo Netherlands
    Michel (website is from my friend Sanna an I)

    • admin
      | Reply

      Hi Michel, thank you for the kind words! 5 elements is an amazing piece of knowledge that helps enormously in practice. I had my 5 elements course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have you read I Ching acupuncture by D Twicken by chance? It is awesome as it describes the whole Balance Method, including 5 elements in details. I would recommend it without doubts. I lived in Amsterdam for two years and love your country very much. Greetings and all good wishes.

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