Online Balance Method Training

Dear collegues!

After practicing meridian based therapies for nearly 20 years and teaching acupuncture based on principles of Bagua, I created an online Balance Method course available for everyone. I believe that this is an absolutely great approach to treating pains and Zang-fu disorders. I think that such information should be easily accessible for every practitioner!

What are the benefits of this online Balance Method course?

  • Short videos with easy-to-digest content and quizzes lead to a higher level of understanding;
  • Videos with precise point locations;
  • Watch the video lessons as many times as you want, improving and refining your skills;
  • Combination of lecture and written material, including my recently published book ‘Acupuncture Balance Method: instant pain relief’ translated into English;
  • Self-testing after every lecture;
  • Highly cost effective and reduces travel.

Please continue here  to watch a FREE lecture on how to treat Back Pain with instant results.