Local Balance Method, A Complete Practical Manual

This book is a complete practical manual on the Acupuncture Local Balance Method. It is written by Ekaterina Fedotova, L.Ac. It is based on her lecturing materials whilst attending lectures of Dr. Tan, as well as her own research and extensive clinical work experience.

Ekaterina Fedotova has assembled years of practical experience into an effective and easy to understand treatment manual. This book will be an extremely useful reference for you to use in your practice or learning. Both experienced and new acupuncturists will be shocked with the efficacy of the Balance Method, and sometimes not even believe the results. Ekaterina has made this manual easily accessible and interesting to read. Make sure you learn every little detail!

This book examines the widely known Acupuncture Balance Method in terms of working with local symptoms such as pain, loss of sensation, inflammation, cramping, etc. Using this method, you can achieve significant relief or complete relief within seconds. The method is easy to learn and can be mastered independently. In fact, the method does not require in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine and acupuncture points; you are not required to remember ready-made recipes. The method is logically structured and consists of three steps: the diagnosis of affected meridians – the choice of therapeutic meridians – the choice of points for needling. The most difficult question in the system is solved very simply: meridians passing through the affected area are considered affected. The healing meridians are selected in accordance with one of the six communication systems. You can influence needling points not only with needles, but also with acupressure, which makes the method available not only for acupuncturists, but also massage therapists, as well as non-specialists.

The method is universal – many examples in the book demonstrate its consistent application to the treatment of various pain syndromes, such as headaches, pain in the neck, shoulder girdle, back, elbow and knee joints, fingers, heel, paralysis, nausea, etc.