The Balance Method for Zang-Fu Disorders & Pulse Diagnostics Book

This is a complete practical manual on the ‘Global Balance’ empowered by Pulse Diagnostics. For the very first time in the history of the Balance Method, we connect Global Balance patterns with pulse characteristics. The knowledge of reading pulses brings a clear understanding of a pathology which helps to choose the best treatment.

The 1stPart of the book is an introduction to the outstanding pulse diagnostics system of Dr. Jimmy Chang.  Dr. Jimmy Chang has developed a very accurate, highly efficient and easy to learn method of pulse reading. His system teaches how to recognise western biomedical conditions and/or TCM syndromes solely by pulse within seconds. With the permission of Dr. Chang, Ekaterina Fedotova introduces his Pulse Diagnostic method and includes the references to the pulse characteristics for each pattern of the Global Balance.

In the 2ndpart of the book we introduce 12 main Global Balance acupuncture patterns and other effective combinations with their detailed descriptions. After reading this book, you will be able to design an effective and precise acupuncture treatment, which exactly matches the patient’s condition. The approach is logical, easy to apply and has a fast response time.

This book is a great supplement to the Online Global Balance Method course. By using it alongside the Global Balance Method course, you will be able to diagnose and treat patients at an unprecedented level. This is the ONLY comprehensive online Balance Method course in world.

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