Reiki is a process of becoming deeply connected with your true self.

Reiki, in Japanese, would be translated as two words: Rei being the spirit and Ki being energy. Thus, Reiki is the energy or ‘power of the spirit

Reiki became an art of healing allowing the soul to return to its unburdened state, releasing a person of the weighty baggage. Reiki helps to balance the energies of our body and to unlock any issues that have been holding us back from opening new doors.  It is a wonderful system of energy healing that helps to build a bridge between you and your Inner Self towards a more vibrant, balanced and connected life.

I feel Reiki is a Divine power and I have chosen it for my personal growth. My journey through Reiki began 20 years ago, it helped me find my path in life towards a much greater freedom and self-belief where I was able to become my true self. 

By practicing Reiki, I see the world become more beautiful, brighter, cleaner and happier. I am happy to share my experience with those who would like to help themselves through this universal life force.

I recommend Reiki with all my heart to all my family and friends, acquaintances and strangers. 




During this course you will have 4 deep Reiki healing sessions, resolve your inner problems under my guidance and acquire exceptionally effective psychological techniques that you can practice yourself and share with others.

4 consecutive days, 1.5 hours per day

The sessions focus on helping you become confident and free from whatever holds you back:  helping you to become who you truly are, thus living a more full and joyous life.

During the 4 consecutive sessions of healing we will also focus on:

  • Forgiving and letting go, reducing anxiety and stress;
  • Creating faith, raising spirit and building up your personal strength and confidence;
  • Moving towards your True Self!

The sessions last approximately one and a half hours. The person lies down in comfort and receives the healing energy from the practitioner’s hands. 

Each of us have enormous wealth, but often either do not know about it, or do not have enough strength or skill to find it in ourselves and to use effectively.

In the process of the healing session I may help you to find certain energy blocks which have possibly led to the physical predicament, stress, or illness. 

I then guide you towards releasing the cause of the problem and teach you Stress Management & Emotional Release techniques for you to continue practicing at home.

Regular Reiki sessions help promote personal & spiritual growth, expand consciousness and stimulate intuitive, spiritual and creative awareness.

The success of the whole process of healing continuously relies on ones’ will, desire and ability to work and make peace and happiness within one self.

Reiki has had an enormous impact on my life and I am grateful to have gone on this journey. I am happy to share my experiences and offer guidance to you.

With love and blessings,

Ekaterina (Katia) Fedotova, Reiki Master