Introduction to Pulse Diagnostics (Dr. Jimmy Chang style)

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Dear friends,

For those who are interested in Dr. Jimmy Chang’s pulse diagnostics, I have released an introductory lecture. The audio has been translated from from Russian to English, with subtitles.

In the lecture I explain the main concepts of this pulse reading style, basic positions and some pulse diagnostics reading hints. For those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Chang’s Pulsynergy – this is the most precise pulse diagnostics reading known – the practitioner can detect both medical and TCM disharmonies within seconds..
It is a good addition to the pulse diagnostics book for the Balance Method and Global Balance online course  which I have recently published.
Hope you will find it useful.
I recommend that for deeper learning of Jimmy Chang’s Pulse Diagnostics, you visit the Elotus website and study Dr. Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang’s online lectures.
Always yours