What is new about ‘Five Elements’ that no one taught before?

We apply the advanced Dr Tan’s ‘Five Elements’ approach when the patient has ‘big excess’ , deficiency or both. We use this approach only if we know for sure which element we would like to tonify or sedate. How to know EXACTLY which element deficient or in excess? We can see it clearly through the PULSES! Pulse diagnostics is the key I recommend to listen a FREE introductory lecture on Dr Chang pulse diagnostic system, you can find … Read More


We offer a free 20 min consultation which includes analysis of patient’s main complain, pulse and tongue diagnostics from the Chinese Medicine point of view and a treatment plan. The pulse diagnosis system which we use in our clinic allows to diagnose many medical conditions and Chinese Medicine syndromes by analysing the pulse of the patient within few minutes. This highly advanced method is based on Dr. Zhang Wei Yan’s pulse diagnostic system. To make a booking call … Read More