Acupuncture Balance Method for breast lumps.

Breast lumps occurs very often and may be caused by different reasons.

One needs to emphasise that most lumps are not dangerous. However, any irregularities or unusual changes to the breasts should be examined  by a  doctor as soon as possible.

Types of benign  breast lump can be placed in several categories.They include a fibroadenoma – kind of firm lump that is very moveable under the skin, a breast cyst  – a firm fluid-filled lump filled with fluid (more common  for women over 30) and a breast abscess which a painful collection of pus formed under the skin of the breast.

It’s very important to be “aware of your breast” as it helps to identify any problems  and get them examined ASAP. This means being familiar with what is normal for your breast.

If you are 50 years or over, it’s also important to have breast screening checks. It means  a  mammogram (specific type of X-ray) which is supposed to be done to look for any signs of dangerous changes.

You  should consult the  specialist if  you notice any of the following: an area of thickened tissue, nipple discharge, containing blood, an alternation in either size or shape of your breasts, dimpling on the skin, a rash on or near your nipples, a change in the way your nipple appear, constant pain in your breasts and/or armpits, swelling in your armpits.

Breast lumps do not necessarily require any treatment, although it may be recommended if the lump happened to be  large, or is becoming bigger and/or causing other symptoms such as pain.

The standard way is to take some medication like antibiotics that can treat  bacterial infections that may have caused the lump to develop.

However, in many cases, an acupuncture provide a good alternative to drain away any fluid or pus within the breast.