Dr. Tan Acupuncture Balance Method for the pain in neck and shoulder.

Shoulder and neck painMost of the patients I see in my North London East Finchley clinic suffer from a variety of muscle skeletal pains, the most usual are Lower Back Pain, chronic injuries and traumas, neck & shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal complications including numbness, burning, stiffness, discomfort etc.

In the West, we’re overprescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. As a result of taking a high dosage, people suffer from it’s side-effects. Unfortunately, people unaware of what acupuncture and Acupuncture Balance Method in particular can offer.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture teaches us to properly treat our patients, using ancient skills dated back thousands of years.

Clinical episode:

A 30-year old man came to me with constant pain in his neck and shoulder area. Most of the medical specialists he consulted gave him the same patent answer: ‘The surgery can help you to alleviate the pain’. He was rather skeptical about Chinese acupuncture, but he wanted to give a try.

According to Dr. Tan Balance Method, it is more effective to needle the distal points to balance the body and to releave the pain. Needles are never placed into the painful area. Dr Tan always said that ‘when we needle the painful spot, we beet a crying baby’.

Neck and shoulder painAfter the patient was examined, the needles were inserted into the ankle and wrist. After a few seconds, his discomfort in neck and shoulder began to diminish. Thirty minutes later, the patient was sitting comfortably nearly pain free.

The beauty of a treatment like this is that the patient and practitioner does not need to wait one or two days for the results of the treatment. The results come immediately, usually after a few seconds after the beginning of the treatment.

The miracle of the Balance Method is that we don’t logically understand why it works, because we see for ourselves that it works. I cannot express greater satisfaction to the success of the Acupuncture Balance Method treatments and the results of my patients experience.