Exciting news! Read about the results of our free trial below. 


We invited people who suffered from acute or chronic pain as a result of trauma or injury, to participate in a free Balance Method Acupuncture treatment. We expected 60 – 100 % pain reduction within one treatment.

The results were exceptionally positive. The patient who suffered neck and shoulder pain for several years had experienced complete pain release during the first twenty minutes of the treatment. The painful area on the neck and shoulders had not been treated with needles. Instead, the needles were gently inserted into the acupuncture points of the area of the foot and lower leg.The whole treatment lasted 45 minutes.

Instant results of treating Neck & Upper Back pain with Acupuncture Balance Method

Another acupuncture treatment helped to reduce the paint in neck & shoulder area from 6 to 3 on a scale 0-10. Few needles were inserted into the wrist and ankle. Please watch video below.

Treating neck and shoulder pain with Acupuncture Balance Method

We couldn’t be happier with our results!
We are now inviting you to experience the treatment in our Holistic Health Clinic in North London Highgate / East Finchley for the price of £30 per session.
Looking forward to meeting you.
The therapist, Katia Fedotova, Lic. Ac, BSc (Hons) MSc