Magic mixture for those feeling heavy, a lack of energy, tired or overweight.


Beginning your day on a positive and beneficial way not only helps improve your overall health but it is a great first step to getting your body and mind right for the day. No one likes to start the day feeling crappy.
This mixture is mainly for those who have signs of Dampness, Phlegm or Blood stasis (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine- TCM). Some of the symptoms of Dampness, Phlegm and Blood stasis are; feeling heavy, lack of energy, tiredness and swelling. This mixture helps to move blood and fluids in our internal system and aid digestion.

In TCM, Dampness comes happens when moisture in the body is not transformed or burnt off. Dampness can lodge in a specific part of the body and it can also obstruct our body’s functions.

Phlegm is a product of the body’s activities acting upon qi and moisture taken in with food and beverages; it is “congealed moisture.” Unlike Qi, phlegm is always viewed by Chinese physicians as substantive and stagnating rather than light and flowing. There are two kinds of phlegm: the visible, which has greater accumulation of matter, and the invisible, which is finely divided, though not as fine as qi. Phlegm is, in some ways, comparable to another body humour, blood, which is also produced by the body’s activities acting upon qi, and is a sticky substance that shares some of the same potential pathologies with phlegm: deficiency, inadequate circulation, firm coagulation, and complexing with heat or cold factors. (Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon)

Blood Stasis
In order for the body to remain healthy, it must be constantly moistened, nourished, and detoxified by an abundant supply of clean, fresh blood. When the blood does not circulate freely, it is known in Chinese Medicine as blood stasis. The body begins to show signs of diseases. These signs include but are not limited to the following: stabbing pain that is worse when pressed upon, fixed masses on the surface of the body, dark complexion, rough scaly dry skin, dry hair, a purple cast to the lips and finger nails, a dark purple tongue with possible signs of bruising, and a sluggish pulse.

With just 5 or 6 ingredients that are easily accessible (you may even have them lying around in your cupboard), you can mix your very own booster.
The ingredients are:
1. Cinnamon
2. Ginger
3. Turmeric
4. Apple Cider Vinegar
5. Warm Water
6. Honey as a sweetener

CINAMMON is one of the most delicious spices but also has medicinal purposes. It is loaded with antioxidants anti-inflammatory which aids digestion by calming the stomach.
GINGER is a special herb that helps with digestion and has warming actions.
TUMERIC is one of the best blood moving herbs. It also strengthens Qi (inner energy) and invigorates the blood which prevents blood stasis.

CINNAMON also has a warming nature. It goes to the Heart, Lungs and Bladder. It has many functions, but mainly has great capacity in unblocking blood vessels and dispersing wind-cold. It works well for oedema due to cold-phlegm or Yang deficiency with unitary dysfunctions and palpitations.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR combats constipation as it breaks down food. It is a great to get your day going. You could also have this with warm water if other ingredients are not available. Despite the acidic nature of Apple cider vinegar (and lemons), our body perceives it as alkaline products. This is very weird but beautiful! Apple cider vinegar or lemon when added to food acts as a guide for other herbs to clean the Liver from toxins and strengthen it gently.

Making your drink with WARM WATER instead of cold, helps cleanse your body by flushing out toxins.

HONEY FOR SWEETNER instead of sugar is welcomed if needed.

This mixture should not taste horrible. Usually a teaspoon of turmeric, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and honey with a pinch of ginger goes a long way with a cup of warm water.
Try this and you will feel a difference to our mornings/days and overall health. It combats tiredness and heaviness as it aids digestion as well as clean blood flow throughout the body.
After you have tried our recipe and have any questions about Dampness, Blood Stasis, Phlegm, Digestion and TCM, you may contact us and speak to the herbal experts in our clinic.

Author: Lorraine Stodel