Stress and Anger Management programme and training.

Stress and Anger Management‘I believe that learning the Emotional Release Technique and how to use it, was one of the greatest gifts in my life’. Nika

‘Life Balance Method is the best technique for Stress and Anger Management.’ Boris Krippa

Many people suffer from anger. Left untreated, it grows (even when we think we have it well hidden or in check) creating anxiety, depression, family problems and health problems. According to psychosomatic research such diseases as hypertension, IBS, acne, circulatory problems and many others are related to both suppressed and expressed anger.

We are happy to announce the Stress and Anger Management Programme and Training Course in Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic in East Finchley, North London.

It includes:

  • One-to-one counselling and coaching;
  • Learning the Emotional Release technique;
  • Practice of Stress and Anger Management applying the Emotional Release technique;
  • Reiki Healing.

The results of this method are very quick. If the exercise is done correctly and persistently, the results occur on the same day: less or no reaction to the factor of disturbance, feeling of happiness in general.

Very often we understand the experience consciously, we try to distract the mind from the destructive situation or the person whom we feel angry towards, but we still react to it/them feeling irritated or annoyed.

The Life Balance Method and applied Formula of Forgiveness and Letting Go genuinely allows us to clear the mind and heart from any negative reactions.

The Life Balance Method is considered an outstanding and extremely effective technique in Russia. It has been developed by a famous Russian psychologist Mira Moiseeva. The applied Emotional Release technique works like a ‘delete button’ for our subconscious mind, washing away negative memories, harmful past experiences or any stressful situations in life. It also allows us to look carefully into a negative situation which causes anger and understand the cause of it. And it allows us to see the negative event or a person related to it as an experience or a life lesson received and eventually forgive the situation or person involved and let it go.

The session lasts 4 consecutive days.


‘The Life Balance Method and Forgiveness Formula  helped to free me from my fears and depression so I could go on to lead happy life pursuing my dreams. In a gentle yet effective way, I was helped  to identify my problems then heal them. I learned the skills I needed to heal myself and maintain good health in my body, mind and spirit. My prevailing feelings now are love, joy and gratitude’. Susan

‘It helped me resolve personal problems that I never even intended to touch on’.  Kathy

‘I am convinced that it really helps to maintain good relations’.  Anna

‘Katia gently helped me dig a lot deeper to really understand the root causes of these feelings and came away more motivated, focused and with tools that I am training myself to use every day’.  M

‘˜The wellbeing sensation and the peace of heart after 4 sessions with Katia were mind puzzling for me. I’ve tried so many other things before!’  Elena

‘She helped me reach into my past allowing me to let go and release of things that I didn’t even know were present’.  Di

‘I found that the results from the Emotional Release and Reiki were so transforming and uplifting that many of my friends and colleagues noticed the shift and ended up going for the Emotional Release sessions!’  Sarah