Twelve Magic points of Dr. Tan

Twelve Magic points of Dr TanWhy Dr Tan invented Twelve Magic points and why do we use them?


For extreme fatigue, for head spinning, for spasms all over the body, heart , gynaecological breathing problems and many many others.

12 Magic Points of Dr Tan is strong and gentle treatment at the same time. It can be designed by the practitioner for each particular situation.




Main complaint: MS

‘For the first time in 5 years I have no spasms in my body’


Main complaint: Head spinning, vertigo

‘Im 65 years old and suffer from vertigo for the last 3 years. After the 1st treatment it’s gone!’


Main complaint: fatigue.

‘I had few sessions of 12 needles placed all over my body, I’m feeling much better. Yesterday I had 1 hour walk and did not feel much tired, which is a big deal!’


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