What is Life Balance Method?

header1Life Balance Method is a unique therapy, originated from teachings of famous Russian psychologist and Reiki Master Mira Moiseeva. It consists of powerful combination of effective psychological and holistic techniques, aiming at getting back to harmony with ourselves.

According to Psychosomatic research, negative emotions such as Anger, Resentment, Guilt, Fear or Stress can develop problems and illnesses on a physical level.

When we let all these emotions go, the negative information becomes ‘deleted’ from our energy field. Thus, we improve our psychological and physical well being.

During a Life Balance Method session, the therapist helps to find those unwanted memories and guide the a patient towards releasing them and setting him free from whatever holds him back. Life Balance Method is usually empowered by healing Reiki energy and counselling. Patient is usually actively involved into the process of recovery, applying Stress Management & Emotional Release Therapy techniques, which include Forgiveness and Letting Go exercises under the therapist’s guidance.

With what situations can Life Balance Method help?

  • I help to recognise and unlock the Emotional problems that cause:
  • Family Problems and Conflicts;
  • Psychological problems;
  • Illnesses;
  • Stress;
  • Low self esteem / lack of confidence;
  • Feeling of being ‘trapped’ in life / not moving forward.