What is Conflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy?

Sun, simple painting, represents Reiki EnergyConflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy is a combination of Reiki, Forgiveness and Letting Go under the therapist’s guidance, which is empowered by your own work.

It is a problem solving process to release emotions and memories that came as a result of problematic experiences.It is a process of letting go of the memories and releasing the negative baggage that prevents us from becoming who we truly are.

This involves the path of the heart and mind towards understanding, love and compassion, away from fear, anger or hate. During the process of healing the therapist helps the patient find the emotional blocks or key points of where his/her energy has been stuck, and teaches how to let go, how to release them. When a person forgives and releases the negative information of unpleasant events, it is automatically ‘deleted’ from their energy field. This is the reason why people experience great improvements in their health and general well-being, after Conflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy sessions.

There are five important steps in Conflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy:

1 Acknowledging that the problem is in you, and that you are responsible for what you are experiencing.

2 Understanding Why is this happening to me? and What for? and recognising the cause.

3 Looking within yourself for errors or blocks in your subconscious mind that replay as conflicts, judgments, putdowns and all kinds of other problems.

4 Letting go of negative memories, using the Formula of Forgiveness.

5 Creating a positive statement, a new software to reprogram yourself.

The mind transforms through forgiveness.The patient here is not only a receiver, but an active participant in his own healing.We can observe, that when the bitterness, grudges and resentment of the past have left us, life energy becomes much more available to us.

The Conflict Resolution & Emotional Release Therapy has helped many people cure not only psychological problems, but also illnesses and chronic diseases that manifested themselves on a physical level.

The success of the whole healing process continuously relies on the persons will, desire and ability to work and make peace within him/herself.

If there is to be peace on earth; it needs to begin individually with each one of us.
Dr Hew Len