How to recognise the neck tension from the pulse?

TIPS FOR ACUPUNCTURE PROFESSIONALS: How to recognise the neck tension from the pulse? According to Dr, Jimmy Chang’s expertise, the muscle tension in the neck area and cervical vertebrae deformities will show proximal to the R Chi position. This pulse is called ‘Du pulse’.

This forceful, thick, straight pulse that extends proximally to the Chi position, approximately up 1/2 of the forearm. You will find it in the middle level. This pulse is typical for neck pain, stiffness and upper body aches and pain. If both Chi has Du pulse, it indicates big Kidney and Liver Fire. It is a pulse for environmental toxins, heavy metal poisoning or multi-chemical sensitivities. Please note: rule number one for reading pulses precisely is that the position of the arm of the patient is on the side, palm facing inwards.

You may try to find this pulse on your patients.