Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely!

Dear students! We genuinely hope you are all staying safe during this time and your practice(s) are reopening. At Helianthus, we have decided to keep our Local Balance Method FREE indefinitely. We have broke it into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. By studying Part 1, you are still able to treat any pain with instant results. If you wish to develop your skills further and understand how to better treat patients; new tricks to help save … Read More


Dear friends! Many us are stuck at home without being able to do things they enjoy. We believe that this time is the best for learning. We hope that we can help. At Helianthus Clinic, we are offering our online Balance Method course FREE for the next 4 weeks. In this course you will learn how to instantly treat chronic pain in a way many cannot imagine. We hope that our FREE online Balance Method course will make your quarantine … Read More

Acupuncture Balance Method tips: 12 Magic points for migraines

ACUPUNCTURE BALANCE METHOD TIPS FOR PRACTITIONERS: 12 Magic Points for Migraine As we all know, most of headaches and migraines stem from the neck. If this is the case of the patient’s migraine, it is better to use Kid3, Liv4 and Sp5(A) than K7, Liv5 and Sp6 in 12 Magic points Generic pattern. Also, migraine often moves after needling. If it moves up, a good solution to move Jing Well points of Lu, Pe and He channels. (Blue … Read More

Acupuncture Pain Relief event on Saturday the 22nd of February

Dear neighbours of Muswell Hill, East Finchley, Finchley, Hamstead Heath and Highgate! Anyone who suffers from pains (numbness, stiffness etc)in lower back, neck and shoulder, knee, elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, gout or any other pain we invite to our clinic for ACUPUNCTURE-WITH-IMMEDIATE-RESULTS on Saturday the 22nd of February. We are a Five Star Holistic Clinic situated in East Finchley N2. For pain relief and general health treatments we offer an advanced acupuncture style called the Balance Method, … Read More

The Acupuncture Global Balance Training Course is now available Online!

Happy New Year! The Global Balance Course is now available Online!😊😊😊 The Global Balance works Magic for Zang-Fu disorders. The course includes new strategies on how to distinguish and correctly apply the 12 patterns. Accurate pulse diagnostics characteristics by Dr. Jimmy Chang are included for each GB pattern. There are also ear diagnostics characteristics for some pathologies. To improve learning and recollection, revisions and pattern comparisons are also included. You will learn how to treat asthma, acute cystitis, cardio … Read More


Dear All! Ekaterina Fedotova has assembled years of practical experience into an effective and easy to understand treatment manual. This book will be an extremely useful reference for you to use in your practice or learning. Both experienced and new acupuncturists will be shocked with the efficacy of the Balance Method, and sometimes not even believe the results. Ekaterina has made this manual easily accessible and interesting to read. Make sure you learn every little detail! You can … Read More

The Online Acupuncture Balance Method course

Dear friends! Share with your friends good news: the Online Balance Method course is on! Here you will find videos with crystal clear needling strategies for each condition, such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, headaches, bells palsy, allergies, digestive disorders, asthma and many many others. You will find all acupuncture point locations needed to treat each discomfort. The course is accompanied by written material with detailed description of each treatment. You will be able to … Read More

Prevent the trip to the hospital with preventative medicine

Let us all take a trip to the doctor! Why? Well, the answer is a simple one. You have a bad hip, maybe a migraine that persists for weeks, maybe even a pain in your stomach that no google search seems to solve. When pain or symptoms strike, visiting the Doctor is certainly correct thing to do – but is visiting the Doctor the BEST thing you can do? What is the best remedy to cure a bad … Read More

Low Cost Community Acupuncture Clinic in East Finchley, Fortis Green and Muswell Hill areas of London

Dear Neighbours, Thanks to everyone for the genuine feedback. We have received over 100 responses towards the Low Cost Community Acupuncture Clinic in East Finchley, Fortis Green and Muswell Hill areas of London. I am happy to announce that the Clinic is open EVERY Sunday from 10AM until 2PM. If you have any Musculoskeletal or General health problems, feel free to contact me over the phone to book a first free consultation. Musculoskeletal or neuropathic problems: •Back Pain & … Read More


UPCOMING BALANCE METHOD SEMINAR FOR ZANG FU DISORDERS: 2d & 9th of May 2018 UPCOMING PULSE DIAGNOSTICS SEMINAR: 16th of May 2018 London, NW5 10am – 6pm • Study the Yin/Yang Balance Method dynamic patterns to treat functional disorders and whole-body sickness; • Learn the Yin/Yang dynamic treatment patterns to treat Zang Fu systemic diseases: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, urinogenital, allergic and other functional disorders; • Learn the strategy of 12 Magic Points according to well known Balance Method … Read More

Balance Method Acupuncture works miracles

Health has always and will always be a topic of vitaal importance to humanity. Which doctor to choose, which clinic to go to, which treatment method will give the best results… At some point in our lives we will desperately seek to find answers to these questions. It is clear that a single prescription for health does does not exist and here we are not aiming to give the finite answer, however in our London East Finchley clinic … Read More

Upcoming Acupuncture Balance Method training

We are happy to announce the next Acupuncture Balance Method training on the 3rd and 4th of March in London. There will be a new big chapter in the programme: students will be introduced to the advanced pulse diagnostic system based on teachings of old Chinese masters. Students will learn and practice the most important pulses and their connections to Balance Method treatments. Please feel free to visit the webpage with the programme for Instant Pain Relief CPD … Read More

The Miracles of Acupuncture – how to tackle Depression

In order to tackle stress & depression, western medicine most often resorts to the prescription of Antidepressants. If you have been prescribed antidepressants, it is important to know the side effects, some of which are: Often people become dependant on the drug for many years. In many cases, Antidepressants make depression even worse over time. Antidepressants often lead to the loss of libido, as well as reducing the production of sperm in males, other sexual problems, such as … Read More


We offer a free 20 min consultation which includes analysis of patient’s main complain, pulse and tongue diagnostics from the Chinese Medicine point of view and a treatment plan. The pulse diagnosis system which we use in our clinic allows to diagnose many medical conditions and Chinese Medicine syndromes by analysing the pulse of the patient within few minutes. This highly advanced method is based on Dr. Zhang Wei Yan’s pulse diagnostic system. To make a booking call … Read More

The best acupuncture / acupressure points for cough, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases.

Now we are in a season of upper and lower respiratory tract infections. If not treated properly, it can aggravate further and trigger bronchitis, asthma or pulmonary disease. The acupuncture points below will help to cure cough and chest infection.   LI4, LI5, LI5.5, LI6 (Ashi points between LI5 & LI6) Lu10 (if painful throat), Lu9, Lu7, LU7 – Lu7.5 Ashi. P6 St36, St 37Ashi Sp9, Sp9 – Sp8 Ashi.


COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC open each Sunday 11AM – 1PM  Price: £20 one hour treatment ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS & PAIN RELIEF • Back pain & Sciatica; • Neck pain & Shoulder pain; • Knee, elbow, wrist, ankle pain; • Injuries and traumas, Jaw pain; • Arthritis; • Nerve pain, Headaches

Acupuncture Balance Method came to Russia!

Great news – Acupuncture Balance Method came to Russia!  We had amazing 4 days of training including Chinese pulse diagnosis. It was the second round of Local and Global Balance, the first trying was in June 2017.  The audience was very well prepared to learn – one has to be a doctor neurologist to practice acupuncture in Russia. Special thanks to Alexei Montenegro for being able to come to Moscow to assist with the training.

FREE Acupuncture Demo treatments in Hampstead on Saturday 16th of September

We are happy to announce our new community project in Hampstead Community Centre – FREE Acupuncture Pain Relief Demo treatments. We welcome anyone who suffers from: Back pain; Sciatica; Neck pain; Shoulder pain; Knee, elbow, wrist, ankle pain; Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ); Injuries and traumas; Nerve pain; Arthritis; Headaches. The Acupuncture Balance Method has proved to be very effective in relieving pain, numbness or tension in the body. Patients being treated in the session will not be required to … Read More

FREE Chinese Pulse Diagnosis in Hampstead each Saturday!

This week we have started the charity project on Chinese Pulse Diagnosis in Hampstead. This project is supported by British Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine Association and is going to be performed each Saturday in the Hampstead Community Centre in the North of London NW3. The project aims to raise people’s awareness about holistic medicine approaches to health. Pulse Diagnosis is a reliable tool to understand the state of your health within minutes. If you have any unknown health issue or often feel tired … Read More

New premises in East Finchley

It is so good to know that more and more holistic services are opening in the North London area. Since NHS services are not always accessible to patients, centres that offer counselling or psychotherapeutic services are in great demand. Moreover, not everybody is comfortable taking antidepressants or anxiety pills to resolve their emotional issues and would prefer finding a more holistic approach to resolve the underlying issues of a problem rather than covering up symptoms with medicine. Our … Read More

Acupuncture Balance Method Academy

I would like to share some good news with you. We are announcing the opening of the Balance Method Academy in London with the intention to establish a school specialising in The Acupuncture Balance Method. In this centre we will combine The Acupuncture Balance Method knowledge with the cultivation of spiritual awareness so that we can achieve the best and most long-lasting results for our patients. Here, Balance Method practitioners could exchange their experiences, meet up and share … Read More

Acupuncture Balance Method for breast lumps.

Breast lumps occurs very often and may be caused by different reasons. One needs to emphasise that most lumps are not dangerous. However, any irregularities or unusual changes to the breasts should be examined  by a  doctor as soon as possible. Types of benign  breast lump can be placed in several categories.They include a fibroadenoma – kind of firm lump that is very moveable under the skin, a breast cyst  – a firm fluid-filled lump filled with fluid (more common … Read More

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Acupuncture Balance Method

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition related to the median nerve being compressed. The nerve may become compressed because it has swollen or the tendons are inflamed, or both. CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) is one of the most common conditions affecting the nerves of the hand. It is estimated that nearly 5% of women and 3% of men suffer from CTS. CTS is more typical for people who are between 45-64 years of age. Common symptoms are: … Read More

Acupuncture Balance Method Seminar in London

Acupuncture Balance Method Introduction Seminar (by invitation only). 4th of December 2016   9:30 AM – 3:30PM Venue: Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic 1 Bedford Mews, East Finchley, London, N2 9DF PROGRAMME:  INSTANT PAIN RELIEF (numbness, burning, stiffness, discomfort etc). Introduction to Distal Acupuncture Balancing patterns, which are easy to understand and implement into practice. After the training each participant will be able to achieve results in successfully treating any local pain (numbness, burning, stiffness etc) of any origin. … Read More

Can acupuncture help with premenstrual syndrome and migraine?

According to the latest research, acupuncture can help to balance the whole system curing both menstrual pain and migraines. Anil et al (2012) argues that acupuncture can be considered as an effective treatment modality to treat premenstrual syndrome. The initial positive results of treating PMS symptoms with a holistic approach are encouraging and acupuncture should be suggested to the patients as a method of treatment.

Thermo Imaging Camera proving Acupuncture healing response

Acupuncture is a real physical medicine based on real anatomy. It works by improving the flow of oxygen (Qi), nutrients and blood through specific networks of blood vessels to nourish every cell of our body. Acupuncture treats the №1cause of disease: blood stagnation or blocked blood flow. When there is a problem with blood flow to any area of the body, this area cannot function properly. The body will not heal without proper blood flow. On this video … Read More

Dr. Tan Acupuncture Balance Method for the pain in neck and shoulder.

Most of the patients I see in my Highgate and East Finchley clinic suffer from a variety of muscle skeletal pains, the most usual are Lower Back Pain, Neck and shoulder pain, chronic injuries and traumas, neck & shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal complications including numbness, burning, stiffness, discomfort etc. In the West, we’re overprescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. As a result of taking a high dosage, people suffer from it’s side-effects. Unfortunately, people unaware of what acupuncture and Acupuncture Balance Method in particular can offer.
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture teaches us to properly treat our patients, using ancient skills dated back thousands of years.

Acupuncture Balance Method works miracles for the Lower Back Pain

I have long admired the results of Acupuncture Balance Method in treating Lower Back Pain. Yesterday a patient travelled to our North London East Finchley clinic because of her Lower Back condition. She suffered chronic pain for 6 years in the lumbar area. The pain radiated down the leg which was the indication that the sciatic nerve was affected. The patient ranged the pain severity as an ‘8’ out of ’10’. MRI scan showed lumbar radiculopathy due to … Read More

Life Balance Method programme in the London Acupuncture training course.

Dr Richard Tan always said that ‘acupuncture does not work if the patient cannot avoid ongoing inner stress and aggravation’. It used to be that a Chinese doctor was not allowed to needle a patient or give him herbs until he helped the patient on a spiritual level. I believe that we can offer the patient much more: balancing not only the energy system using needles, but also the soul. We can help lead the patient to an … Read More

Acupuncture helps with natural Fertility

Helianthus Holistic Health Clinic in Highgate, North of London provides fertility treatments for both men and women. Our Acupuncturist Katia Fedotova Lic Ac BSc (Hons) MSc completed the full training in Dr. Tan’s advanced Acupuncture course and had consistent and successful results in treating infertility problems.

Dr Tan’s Balance Method

Katia Fedotova, licences acupuncturist and Reiki Master undertook the intensive Core Foundation and Advanced training with Dr Tan. Our Holistic Health Clinic in the North of London offers acupuncture treatments for immediate pain release and functional disorders within a framework of Dr. Tan’s Balancing method.